Sell, license and distribute your premium packages with Composer and npm in a few clicks.

Get Started See a Demo

$ composer config repositories.repobox composer $ composer config --auth e99a18c428cb38d5f260853678922e03 "" $ composer require repobox/demo

$ npm login --registry= --scope=@repobox Username: token Password: e99a18c428cb38d5f260853678922e03 $ npm install @repobox/demo

Easy for your Customers

Your customers simply add the Repobox repository and credentials to their package manager and use their existing installation and deployment practices. No more hassling with zip files and updates.

Easy for You

Link your GitHub and Stripe accounts, automatically import your packages and push updates to your customers with the tools you're already using. No more shipping zip files or pushing code to multiple remotes.

Earn More

Don't worry about giving 30-40+% of each sale away. With our flat pricing model, you earn what you sell. We also use your Stripe account so you get paid instantly!


All Plans Include

Unlimited Packages
Stripe Payment Integration
GitHub Auto Deployment
Easy Checkout Page (Optional)
Customer License Management
API Access
Full CDN Replication
Indie Hacker Up to 500 Downloads Per Month

$19 /month

Side Hustler Up to 2,000 downloads per month

$29 /month

Full Timer Up to 10,000 downloads per month

$49 /month